Rental Forms

We have all the forms needed to runs you business. All our forms are approved by the Wisconsin Apartment Association and are legal in the state of Wisconsin.


An Organization of Professional Property Owners.
Southern Wisconsin Landlords Association
Providing education and assistance to
Racine area real estate investors since 1988

A member of The Wisconsin Apartment Association.

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Our Next Meeting:

SWLA meetings are

open to all landlords

Monthly every third Monday

6:00pm Social Time

Light buffet supper

($5.00 per person)

6:30pm Meeting Time

Non Members

First meeting FREE

$20 Fee for subsequent meeting

Applied to membership fee

when you join

Regular Meetings

October 16

Thank you to our guest speakers for their insight into the various types of finance for real estate investing.

Sara Floyd

Milwaukee Hard Money

Chuck Albee

Southern Wisconsin Landlord Association

Joshua Sopczak

Tri City Bank

Julian Berry

US Bank

Gina Sorenson

US Bank

November 20

Frank Sterbin CPA

Q&A session

Real estate ownership taxes

December 18

Membership Christmas Party

January 15, 2018

Chris Mokler

President of WAA


Gary Goyke

Lobbyist WAA

Meeting Location:

Harbor Lite Yacht Club

559 State Street
Racine, WI 53402
(262) 634-9280

More on meetings

Education Day:

“Free landlord training

in Milwaukee”

(NOT the class by Tristen Petit)

The award winning landlord training program operates out of the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) downtown location. The goal is to teach landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property. This program was a runner up for the Ford Foundation Harvard Kennedy School of Government Awards program and a 1996 winner of the Innovations In Government award sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Mayor and Common Council.

The class is FREE and held on a regular basis throughout the year at various locations. It is held on evenings and weekends to accommodate virtually anyone's schedule. The class is generally either (1) five hour session in one day or (2) two and a half hour sessions for two nights. Attendees get a free 100 page comprehensive manual and handouts on a variety of legal and business issues related to managing a property.

FREE Landlord/Crime Free Multi-Housing Rental Seminar

Presented in partnership by the Kenosha Police Department
& the Kenosha Landlord Association

The nextFREE Landlord/Crime Free Multi-Housing Rental Seminar

To register for an upcoming seminar please contact
the Kenosha Police Department Crime Prevention Unit



Rental forms available from SWLA

Members can buy forms at the monthly meeting. We have them in printed and electronic form.

If you have questions about the forms please email Dave Pioro for more information. Email


  • 5 Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent

  • 5 Day Notice to Remedy Default (Nuisance)

  • 14 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

  • 28 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

  • Month to Month Applicant Screening Questions and Suggestions

  • Application Denial Letter

  • Application for Rental Housing

  • Application Procedures and Screening Criteria

  • Application Review

  • Reason For Rejection

  • Receipt for Check In Documents and Keys

  • Smoke Detector Requirements

  • WAA Lead Based Paint

  • Common Area Repair or Renovations

  • Carpet Cleaning Notice

  • Cover Letter for Five Day Notice to Quit Pay Rent

  • Check In and Check Out Form

  • Check-In Documents and Keys Receipt

  • Check-Out Inspection Form

  • Cosigner Application Cosigner

  • Guarantor Application

  • Cosigner Information Sheet

  • Co-Signer Rental Agreement

  • Guaranty Crime Free Rental

  • Agreement Addendum

  • Disclosures Required by Landlord Before Entering Into A Rent Electronic Transfer Authorization

  • Employment Verification Request Form

  • EPA Renovation Rules EPA

  • HUD Lead Paint Disclosure Form

  • Pamphlet for (1) EPA Pre-Renovation

  • Form Eviction Questions and Answers

  • Garage Rental Agreement

  • GF-175

  • Grill Safety Addendum

  • Instructions for the Nonmilitary Service Affidavit

  • Intent to Renew Lease

  • Intention to Move Form

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure of Information

  • Part I Lead Based Paint Disclosure of Information

  • Part II Lead Based Paint Lease Addendum for Buildings Built Before 1978

  • Lease-Residential Rental Agreement

  • Maintenance Request

  • Move In Maintenance Request

  • Move-in Allowance Agreement Form

  • Non-Standard Rental Provisions

  • Notice to Enter

  • Payee Designation

  • Pet Agreement Sample I

  • Pet Agreement Sample II

  • Pet Application Form

  • Policy Statements

  • Examples Recycle in Wisconsin Guide Reference

  • Check Questions Regular Maintenance

  • Request Rental Agreement (Lease)

  • Renewal Amendment

  • Rental Agreement Extension

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Satellite Dish Addendum

  • Security Deposit Addendum

  • Security Deposit Refund

  • Transmittal (Refund)

  • Smoke Detector Requirements

  • Sublet Agreement Example I

  • Sublet Agreement Example II

  • Students Summons and Complaint

  • Warehouse Receipt and Notice of Lien