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An Organization of Professional Property Owners.
Southern Wisconsin Landlords Association
Providing education and assistance to
Racine area real estate investors since 1988

A member of The Wisconsin Apartment Association.

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Our Next Meeting:

SWLA meetings are open to all landlords

Monthly every third Monday

6:00pm Social Time

Light meal

($5.00 per person)

6:30pm Meeting Time

Non Members First meeting FREE

$20 Fee for each subsequent meeting

Applied to membership fee when you join

Regular Meetings

January 15, 2018


February 19

Chris Mokler

President of WAA


Jeffery Pralle

Director of Legal Affairs WAA


Gary Goyke

Lobbyist WAA

March 19

April 16

May 21

June 18

Meeting Location:

Harbor Lite Yacht Club

559 State Street
Racine, WI 53402
(262) 634-9280

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“Free landlord training

in Milwaukee”

(NOT the class by Tristen Petit)

The award winning landlord training program operates out of the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) downtown location. The goal is to teach landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property. This program was a runner up for the Ford Foundation Harvard Kennedy School of Government Awards program and a 1996 winner of the Innovations In Government award sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Mayor and Common Council.

The class is FREE and held on a regular basis throughout the year at various locations. It is held on evenings and weekends to accommodate virtually anyone's schedule. The class is generally either (1) five hour session in one day or (2) two and a half hour sessions for two nights. Attendees get a free 100 page comprehensive manual and handouts on a variety of legal and business issues related to managing a property.

FREE Landlord/Crime Free Multi-Housing Rental Seminar

Presented in partnership by the Kenosha Police Department
& the Kenosha Landlord Association

The nextFREE Landlord/Crime Free Multi-Housing Rental Seminar

To register for an upcoming seminar please contact
the Kenosha Police Department Crime Prevention Unit



Listings for sale by our members

Real Estate Listing Service

This is a free listing service for members of SWLA. There is no limit to the number of listing or time you can list a property. Just register and list away!


Tatorial for getting your listing on the service.

  1. Register
  2. Once your login has been turd on, you will need to goto the login page (the last link on the left side menu) and login to the site. rel1
  3. Once your loged in look for Listing Service box. There will be Manage Listing whit a link called manage. Click the link.rel2
  4. this will open the page were all the listings for the site. Click the Create New button.rel3
  5. This will bring up the blank page for your listing. Fill in the information for your listing.rel4
  6. Now that you have the text filled in you can photos to your listing. Down at the button of the page you will see a box marked Images. There is a place for up to 10 photos. Click the Browse button and browse your way to the first photo for the listing. Click on the photo and click open. You can add a caption to the photo. The box just above the browse button is were you will do this. Repeat this to add more images to the listing.rel5
  7. Click save and your done!rel6